When placing an order please provide as detailed information as possible about the item (author, title, ISBN, year) and the number of items you are ordering.

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  • We ship worldwide.
  • For international orders regular prices apply.
  • Ordered items are shipped using Pošta Slovenije (Post of Slovenia). Postage and packing will be charged additionally. Delivery costs are calculated according to the Pošta Slovenije (Post of Slovenia) international shipping price list. Delivery costs information will be sent to you via e-mail before the invoice is issued.
  • International orders require pre-payment. Once you submit order you will receive invoice which can be paid directly to ZRC SAZU bank account or by credit card. If paying by credit card, please send the card details (Name, Surname, Address, Card Number, Expiry Date and CVC code – the three digits in the final group of numbers on the back of your card) by fax or in several separate e-mails.
  • Upon ordering international institutional customers must provide valid company information: address, VAT number, URL. Institutions and companies with valid VAT number are exempt from paying VAT (DDV) in Slovenia.
  • Bookshops are entitled to discount prices.


  • Ordered items will be sent, collect on delivery, using Pošta Slovenije (Post of Slovenia). Prices are in Euros (EUR). Delivery costs are not included. The customer pays postage and packaging in fixed amount of 3.4 € per order. Please allow five working days for delivery to domestic addresses.
  • An individual can join the ZRC Publishing Book Club and get discount prices for ZRC Publishing House titles.
  • Institutions and companies must provide valid VAT number.


  • General terms. By ordering from ZRC Publishing House the buyer accepts these terms and conditions. The buyer is guaranteed all rights from the Consumer Protection Act (Zakon o varstvu potrošnikov; Uradni list RS št. 98/2004). Confirming an order the buyer grants ZRC Publishing House the right to establish, manage and maintain their personal information, to be used in fulfilling or enforcing contractual relation rights. ZRC Publishing House is obliged not to share the data with third parties. Personal data is protected compliant to the Personal Information Protection Act (Zakonom o varstvu osebnih podatkov; Uradni list RS št. 86/2004). ZRC Publishing House reserves the right to withdraw in extraordinary circumstances from the contractual obligation, e.g. if an item ordered is out of stock, if the buyer exerts payment risks or there has been an error in the pricelist. In any such eventuality the buyer will be notified at once by e-mail or phone.
  • Returns. Returns are applicable for faulty items. The buyer must notify the seller within 60 days after the fault has been discovered. This applies to all books, but not to magazines, journals, audio-video material and electronic dictionaries if the safety seal has been broken. The seller cannot be held responsible for any defects discovered after the period of two years from delivery.
  • VAT. Prices on our website include 9.5 % VAT (for electronic and audio-video media 22 % VAT apply).


Some publications are not for sale. If you wish to receive a free copy, contact us at zalozba@zrc-sazu.si. You will be notified, if the publication is no longer available.


ZRC Publishing House titles can be ordered online through the Publikacije website (only in Slovenian language). Please follow our step-by-step guide below:

1. Browse or search the catalogue for a title you would like to order.

2. Add the title to the shopping cart by clicking the 'Add to cart' button .

3. Click the button 'Proceed to checkout' .

4. Your shopping cart content will be shown. Enter delivery address. At the bottom of the order form ordered items and total amount due (including VAT) will be listed.
Note: The order total is based on discount prices which are only applicable for domestic orders and individuals. Shipping costs are not included. For international orders and institutions or companies regular prices apply.

5. Your order will be placed once you hit the submit button [Pošlji]. You'll receive an order confirmation and invoice by e-mail.